Initial Focus on Several Major Activities

  1. Assessment and Job Objective Establishment. We pinpoint your motivated abilities and skills ( What is the best next step for you?)
  2. Strategy and selection of a primary objective as well as a secondary target and other doors to open.
  3. Resume and interviewing strategies.
  4. Quality Connections that will help an executive supplement his or her own relationships. The core of these connections will center around:
    • Executive Search
    • Investment Banking
    • Private Equity
    • Turn Around Management
    • Employed Executives
    • Professional Service Firms

Many Executives are surprised to discover they have more options than they might have thought. The primary options are :

  • Pursuit of a similar or better position
  • Start Your Own Business
  • Buy a Business
  • A “Portfolio Career” using one’s core strengths over multiple streams of income

SERVICES Available

Bill Ellermeyer is the primary coach for all executives going through the program and provides unlimited personal coaching. Bill is more that a career counselor and acts as a “Personal Agent” to his executive clients introducing them to powerful connections and taking them to meaningful business network events. Bill will provide key connections greatly enhancing the individual’s visibility in the marketplace. This taps into Bill’s legendary network developed over the past 25 years.

It is not unusual for Bill to provide a substantial number of meaningful contacts in the first month to an individual client helping them to build “Visibility in the Market Place”.