It’s All About Connections

The fact is that for most executives there are two primary areas that need some help and attention. First is Career Focus, what is your primary focus and what should you be concentrating on with respect to your career objective? The second and arguably the most important need is “connections”; actual key executive level contacts who can help jump start a campaign. Most of the time an executive suddenly dumped into a job search campaign is coming off a high stress challenging job which required a head down approach which of course means that quite frequently a newly minted executive job seeker is “not connected” and in need of quality relationships to quickly build visibility in the job market.

To accomplish this the job seeker will need an experienced professional with solid connections in the job market. The difference between career counselors runs the gamut from bright young social worker to an “experienced pro”. A key ingredient in helping you to make a decision is references. You should speak with several individuals who have actually been coached through a job a search campaign. Additionally you must sit down with the prospective consultant and discuss the actual process and how much access and time with the consultant you will actually have.

Outplacement Process

William Ellermeyer is one of the most recognized Executive Career Transition Consultant in Southern California having pioneered the corporate-sponsored career transition business back in the early 1980’s. Since that time Bill has become a noted Speaker/Futurist, Venture Catalyst, Entrepreneur as well as Executive Transition Coach. Bill states, “The bottom line for a senior executive in transition is the need for ‘relevant quality contacts’ ” Bill is a master connector with the ability to create “win-win” quality connections. He has done this for hundreds of Orange County executives over the past 25 years.