Ellermeyer connect Breakfast
Ellermeyer connect Breakfast

“The Ellermeyer Connect breakfast meetings have evolved over the past three years to become a unique “happening” as each meeting takes on its own flavor/vibe . The meetings include:

. Each month a diverse mix of “A” players (high achievement executives who know how to give back, “motivated to serve each other; including professional service providers such as investment bankers & private equity, investor/board types, executive search, business owners and corporate executives to name a few.

. A fast moving experience with several different segments including:

- An introductory branding or tagline opportunity for each attendee and without the totally unmemorable elevator speech !

- A fast moving 10/15 minute economic report by our would be economist Dennis Kushner.

- A ten minute presentation by an incubating “start up” firm from Fast Start Studio in Irvine.

- A one minute book report/recommendation

- An Ellermeyer Connect “Ten Talk” a 10 to 15 minute presentation on one or two of the following areas:
. The Future (next five years)
. Entrepreneurship
. Global Business and World report
. Jobs and Employment
. Executive Fitness and Health

- A one half hour networking opportunity before and after the main meeting.

These meetings create and environment for collaboration and “deal flow” and opportunity to build your Brand and grow your business.

The underlying key to the success and popularity of these meetings is the consistent “curation” of these meetings with high achievement and successful professionals.

The Ellermeyer Connect breakfast meetings are always held on the last Wednesday of the month except during the holidays at the end of the year.

If you would like to attend one of these meetings, contact us at :

Dottie Schroeder at ________________

Bill Ellermeyer at __________________