Our Services Include:

1. Perform an in depth interview to determine the executives motivated abilities and skills. This will be supplemented by using appropriate assessment instruments.

2. Career focus and job objective whether it be a traditional corporate job, starting or buying a business or building a “Portfolio Career“.

3. The review and refocus of the resume to insure that it is a well crafted document that is appropriate for the job objective.

4. Development of a Marketing Plan and a strategy focused on networking, executive search firms, email and job marketing research and on going leads.

5. On going interview preparation and coaching. This will include interview rehearsal and review of correspondence prior to it being sent out.

6. Weekly meetings, twice a week in the initial stages and weekly thereafter until an employment resolution is reached.7. Unlimited telephone coaching and advice during normal business hours

Addition services include:

  • – Appropriate office use
  • – Severance package negotiation
  • – Assistance in adapting to the new job with on going support