Ellermeyer Connect Meeting: August 26, 2020 Edition

Senior Executives discuss current economic and business events and trends. This edition features the longer-term impacts of COVID-19. We wish to thank Christopher Caliendo for contributing his video editing, polishing, and enhancement talents to produce the final video.

Take Time to Think

[Letter to Friends during the 2020 COVID-19 Safe-at-Home Mandate] I trust by now most of you have fallen into a “routine” that includes some version of work from home, occasional trips to an office, and many trips to the grocery store for that special cheese you are now craving; this interspersed with neighborhood walks waving […]

Life After Retirement: As a CEO, What Comes Next?

In today’s ever changing business climate, probably the most valuable resource an executive has is their network of meaningful relationships. Life beyond an executive position/job or business ownership can be difficult without a network of talented and connected individuals. William Ellermeyer knows how to get that done for his clients and is one of the […]

Retire… Are you Kidding?

For many people, retiring is an unhealthy option and increasingly people are finding a happier lifestyle by keeping their hand in, at least, some form of work such as writing, consulting, building, teaching or painting, to name just a few.  I always counsel my friends and clients to never use the “R” word as it […]

Stay in the Game

“Stay in the Game” In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to reinvent your career later in life. Whether your goal is to move away from traditional full-time work but remain in the game, or to integrate life and work to focus on a particular passion, the old model of “stop work and smell the […]

Simplify Your Life

Sit down with your favorite drink, relax and take out a pen and notebook and begin to write down all the things that complicate, harass and bring stress into your life. Come up with a list of life simplification activities. Most of us have developed a life style built around material possessions to such a […]