It's all about Connections!


Over the last 15 years the way we work has reflected a less stable and more vulnerable landscape, where even senior executives have become disrupted or disposable commodities to their organizations. In just about every industry, experienced professionals are subject to much shorter job lifespans so that today the average corporate job is two to three years. In a way you can say that today all jobs are temporary .

Learn to Continually Adapt to Change


In today’s work environment, executives must learn to continually adapt to change, embrace life long education, and build a vibrant network of meaningful connections.  This is all key to one’s ability to move from one job or project to the next. To do this, one must have a vibrant and robust network of meaningful connections.


Ellermeyer Connect has been working with executives in transition for the past 30 years, helping them to forge a new career path, or in some cases start or even buy a business and develop a “portfolio career” mentality with the ability to use one’s core skills and experience over multiple streams of income. Being involved, getting connected, and staying engaged in work that is inspiring and meaningful is the best way to stay engaged throughout a lifetime of employment .


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