INTERVIEW: Bill Ellermeyer Talks about Life After Retirement

In today’s ever changing business climate, probably the most valuable resource an executive has is their network of meaningful relationships. Life beyond an executive position/job or business ownership can be difficult without a network of talented and connected individuals. William Ellermeyer knows how to get that done for his clients and is one of the most recognized Executive Career Transition Consultants in Southern California, having pioneered the executive outplacement business in the 1980’s. Since then, Bill has become a “master connector” who has helped clients build relevant quality contacts that brings them visibility in the marketplace. He has worked with hundreds of executives over the past 30 years who have benefited from his expertise in helping them choose their next step and to build a vibrant Network of working professionals. Bill is a noted speaker/writer who regularly communicates on the subject of career management, entrepreneurship and “Un-retirement”. He teaches executives to serve rather than sell allowing clients to leverage the power of relationships results-oriented networking, social media, and brand building. In his experience, relationships rule, the most powerful people are often the most connected. Ellermeyer Connect Bill’s organization teaches people to cultivate relationships in the long run and not just for obtaining the next career step.