Why should I retire?

Retirement, are you kidding?

For many people, retiring is an unhealthy option and increasingly people are finding a happier lifestyle by keeping their hand in, at least, some form of work such as writing, consulting, building, teaching or painting, to name just a few.  I always counsel my friends and clients to never use the “R” word as it sends a message that perhaps you do not even want.  Here is the message you send when you say you are retired:

  1. You are no longer a player
  2. You are of no interest
  3. You are irrelevant
  4. You are Old!

Stay in the Game!

Keeping your hand in some form of work is very much a healthy addition to your life beyond 65. Work/purpose is every bit as important as a healthy diet and exercise. Why do you think billionaires like Warren Buffet continue to work (often full time) into their 80’s and beyond. Retirement was only created in the late 1800 hundreds and formalized in the US with the social security act of the 1930’s. Prior to that people worked their whole life; even a physical job like a “Blacksmith” eventually became a teacher to the younger worker.
Increasingly, people, in general, are catching on to the idea and that retirement and stopping work the way many of our parents did may not be the best option for a more fulfilling life.


My advice is that if you are approaching or over 65 eliminate the “R” word from your vocabulary in spite of the adds on TV.  Work that you love, happiness and health come from a purpose driven life beyond travel and babysitting grandkids!