Take Time to Think

Take Time to Think

[Letter to Friends during the 2020 COVID-19 Safe-at-Home Mandate]

I trust by now most of you have fallen into a “routine” that includes some version of work from home, occasional trips to an office, and many trips to the grocery store for that special cheese you are now craving; this interspersed with neighborhood walks waving at strangers who wave back; funny for me, I never noticed them before.

By now we have all received more advice on dealing with C-virus than we will ever need, so I will spare you my suggestions . However now you may have time for thinking about:

. Reading books you have always wanted to read but never found the time.
. Changing your work into something more in tune with your real passion or interest
. Talking a look at how you appear to your Tribe.
. Getting serious about learning the art of meditation
. Simplifying your Life

Often, your best ideas come when you are doing nothing. I understand that Issac Newton came up with his theory on gravity while self isolating during the Black Plague (or was it the Blue one). So, give your self permission and forget about the guilt we all are trained to get when doing nada.

Enough with the advice, here is a must read book for all of you; a compelling analysis and prophecy. “The Storm Before the Calm” by George Friedman. His predictions for the 2020’s and beyond; why this Decade will be so disruptive and chaotic. Note it’s not about politics. Published just before the Virus and now more relevant than before.

My friends, stay well, stay productive and most of all stay connected.